Bank Statements Editor
Bank Statements Editor


The variety of novelty documents we offer can be used a number of ways. They are ideal to use for educational, entertainment, and theatrical purposes. They also make great training aids and props. Many of our customers use them as amusing gifts or for pranking family and friends. When ordering, you must use your own legitimate details or we will not fulfill your order request. Under any and all circumstances, we do not condone these documents being used for any other purpose and strongly advise against using them for any reasons other than the ones listed above.

Absolutely! We stand behind the quality of every document we create. Our fake documents are meticulously inspected to ensure all your details and specifications have been included. We create each document using state-of-the-art printing technology and high quality paper so they are comparable to the original. Upon reviewing your order, if you discover an error (wrong date, calculation, spelling mistake, etc.) please contact us immediately so we can correct the error, edit the document and send it back to you as soon as possible.

Your final document will never be marked with the words ‘sample’ or ‘specimen’ on it. All final copies- both digital and printed will resemble that of an original document.

Yes, we can! If you have the original document (proof- thereof) we’d be happy to duplicate it for you. Simply send it to us and we will create an exact replica for you- complete with all the requested details and specifications. To expedite your order, we recommend scanning the document as an image in JPG format and sending it to us via email.

A digital version (either in JPG or PDF format) of your document will be sent first for your approval. Once approved, you’ll receive a final PDF without any watermark on it.

Yes! You can, but we always recommend that you use high quality paper and adjust your printer’s quality settings. Printing from home allows you have the printed document in your hands much quicker than if we sent it by mail.

We accept both cash and bank transfers for all transactions. However, for our international customers we will accept payment through Transfer Wise- which offers its service for a nominal fee.

Absolutely! We offer our regular/repeat clients discounts for multiple orders. For instance, if you place an order for additional sets of documents, we are able to offer you a lower cost.

Absolutely! Our standard procedure for processing orders is to always email a ‘soft’ copy in PDF file. In fact, your printed document will only be processed and mailed once you have given your final approval.

At Bank Statements Editor, we understand that privacy is of great concern to our customers. We are committed to ensuring the discretion and confidentiality of every order you place with us. Upon order completion and delivery ( to your satisfaction), we destroy all document related information. For added peace of mind- we discreetly ship all documents so your privacy is always protected.